How Can A Personal Trainer Help With Lower Back Pain?

At least one-third of the adult population in the UK frequently complains about low back pain symptoms. These symptoms can reduce your ability to perform day-to-day tasks and interfere with both your productivity, as well as your ability to care for your family. Several reasons are behind low back pain – and there are numerous treatments that you could consult too.

When lower back pain affects you, exercise might be an ideal solution. Unfortunately, going to a gym may simply result in worse back pain. Looking for a personal trainer North London might be an ideal solution.

The Role Of A Personal Trainer In Treating Low Back Pain

A personal trainer London is one of the options you should consider when you wish to alleviate your back pain.

Pain medication is readily available at pharmacies and from a doctor’s prescription. These help to alleviate pain, sure, but they also cause a long list of side-effects.

A personal trainer would consider you in an individual case. They will look at your current health and see if they can identify any potential causes for your lower back pain. Instead of simply covering up the symptoms, the personal trainer would then create a personalised fitness and nutrition programme that is unique to you. This programme will focus on addressing the reasons why you are suffering from lower back pain – which will give you longer-term relieve and support.


A personal trainer City of London and surrounding areas can be consulted to help you manage lower back pain symptoms. An elite trainer like Jazz Alessi who’s trained in back injury rehabilitation understands why lower back pain affects so many people. This gives them the skills and knowledge to assess each person on an individual basis and develop a personalised plan that would help you overcome your lower back pain symptoms.


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