4 Freelance Writing Niches to Supplement Your Income

With the onset of the coronavirus reaching pandemic proportions during the first quarter of 2020, thousands of freelance writers all over the world found themselves in a quandary.

Aside from the fact that dozens of print magazines have reduced frequency or totally went out of publication, travel writing and covering events were once potentially lucrative niches that were severely affected by the pandemic.

But fret not, because, with a little bit of creativity and a willingness to adjust and adapt, freelance writers can tap other avenues to which they can redirect their talents and skills.

Here are a few specialties that freelance writers can consider:

Resume Writing and Editing

With the massive number of COVID-19 cases posing a huge threat to the global economy, plenty of secure and stable employees have lost their jobs. They might resort to remote work, settle for part-time or underemployment (at least for the meantime), or opt to turn freelance.

As a result, the demand for competent resume writers has never been higher. You need to showcase your ability to write or edit resumes by having a few samples. If you’re an absolute newbie, here are cost-effective ways to build a portfolio:

Get in touch with students at college or university who may need a resume to get into an internship or volunteer program.

Fresh graduates make ideal clients; they’re often eager to land entry-level positions immediately.

Skills-based resumes are essential to graduates of vocational, trade, or technical courses.

Obtain old copies of friends’ resumes, and repurpose a chronological resume into a skills-based one, and vice versa.

Talk with IT professionals, since they’re constantly updating their credentials.

Introduce yourself to people who might be in the process of a career shift/change.

Take in “high-risk” job applicants — “special cases” like the failed entrepreneur or stay-at-home parent seeking to re-enter the workplace, differently-abled individuals, or those with considerable gaps in their work history.


If you have a keen eye for details — misspellings, awkward sentence structures, misplaced punctuation marks, etc., give proofreading a try. There are a good number of documents that need clarity to achieve desired results, not just a good command of English: book reports, theses, dissertations, college admissions essays, business plans, grants, etc. Proofreaders usually charge on a per-page basis, and a standard page is comprised of 220 words.

Writing About Trendy Niches

While certain niches have declined this 2020 due to pandemic-related restrictions, there’s a whole new range of topics that can serve as a goldmine for article ideas. Consider the following:

Plants and plant care

Coping with work-from-home arrangements

Helping kids with online classes

Simple crafts projects to keep kids preoccupied at home

Health and fitness concerns

Popular hobbies during the quarantine

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Writing Online Dating Profiles

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but there are plenty of singles out there who are serious about finding a suitable match for marriage, or at least, a long-term relationship.

I have also noticed a growing trend — divorcees and single parents, or those who have sobered up from addiction, are finally getting to that healthy place where they can date again. There are also niche sites for big, beautiful women (BBW) and people with disabilities.

You don’t need to lie or embellish existing attributes just to make your clients seem more appealing. If they have yet to attain a college degree, briefly mention the online or adult education classes they’re taking.

Big, beautiful women who are into yoga or biking can be fun and exciting to outdoorsy men. Even introverted singles can be presented as “someone who enjoys moon-lit strolls at the beach, adult board games during weekends dates at specialty bookstores or souvenir shops, or conversations over coffee.”

Ronali G. dela Cruz writes about a variety of topics, including parenting, goal setting, self-improvement, finances, careers, and offers writing tips.


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