LIVE AMA with Clove Crypto Wallet featuring StakerDAO – (Virtual)

LIVE AMA with Clove Crypto Wallet featuring StakerDAO – (Virtual)

It is with absolute pleasure we announce the upcoming LIVE AMA for Clove Crypto Wallet featuring StakerDAO.

The LIVE AMA is scheduled to be held on the CryptoLiveLeak YouTube channel on Thursday May 21st, 2020 at 6:00PM EST as well as on the below zoom webinar link (Must register email and ask quality question during the AMA to qualify to earn XTZ)

Register here:

EARN FREE TEZOS (XTZ) for asking questions during the LIVE event!

Twitter Announcement:

Hosted by: Tezos Boston President – Ken Garofalo – CryptoLiveLeak

Featuring: Clove Crypto Wallet – Siva Ragavan – CEO and Chief Architect & Steven Supitux – Growth

Featuring: StakerDAO – Christian Arita – Staker Product Lead

Why is Clove Crypto Wallet a massive win for the Tezos Community?

Clove Crypto Wallet has developed a unique delivery method for Cryptocurrency wallets through the power of email distribution. If you have a large email distribution list you can now send new clove crypto wallets preloaded with XTZ to these addresses with the ease of a click.

They have built customized Tezos features for delegation – this makes it easier for users to delegate to local Tezos community bakers. A lot of us have been worrying about the consolidation of baking power to big exchanges – Clove gives us another tool to help bring delegation back to our local bakers. It is with great gratitude that we have partnered with Hayek Lab, Crypto Delegate, and Tezos Capital as Media partners for this event – showing the support of the local Tezos baking community to this wallet product.

Support for FA1.2 assets – this is an extremely important development in terms building out infrastructure for tokenized assets on the Tezos platform. This is where the collaboration with StakerDAO becomes extremely important. With the feedback from StakerDAO, Jonas Lamis, and Christian Arita – Clove has clarity on KYC requirements so that Clove can provide one of the first wallet solutions for Tezos FA1.2 assets.

What are examples of Clove Crypto Wallet in use?

We have used Clove Crypto Wallet to distribute XTZ to members of a virtual Tezos Boston Meetup through collected email addresses – and Clove even built a fun staking game to further add utility and demonstrate what can be done with the Tezos staking feature.

This is a useful way to distribute XTZ to attendees of the next TQuorum – or to members of the next Tezos Commons meetup. The possibilities are endless – all you need is an email address and you have to power of on-boarding users into crypto and Tezos.

So now you’ve sent out wallets via email preloaded with XTZ but you’re worried that people aren’t opening the mail – Clove has a solution where Time can be used to limit the wallets availability to ensure no assets are lost or wasted.

More information can be found on

Calling all Questions – Feel free to post your questions for Clove Crypto Wallet and StakerDAO in this thread and also join us LIVE on May 21st at 6PM EST.


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