Proper Breathing: Why So a Big Deal?

You must have noticed how every personal trainer London is strict about the way you breathe during exercise. Ever wondered what the reason is? Read on as I take you on a journey inside a trainer’s mind.

Better performance

One of the reasons why proper breathing is a trainer’s priority is that smooth and efficient breathing is crucial for delivering the oxygen your body needs to perform functions properly. In other words, if you are aiming for a set of cardio, oxygen will be your number one source of energy. If you don’t provide enough oxygen, you will never reach your fitness goals no matter how long you exercise –IF YOU CAN MAKE IT LONG-.

Avoid injury

Another important reason why is that holding one’s breath can have serious effects on both body physiology and mechanics. Physiologically, breathing is closely related to our blood pressure. If you hold it –for example in weight lifting or squatting- your blood pressure will rise abruptly. This is risky if you have fragile vessels.

From a biomechanical point of view, breath holding causes a huge increase in the pressure within your rib cage and abdomen. This pressure is also transmitted to other parts of your body. Particularly, to your intrathecal space –the space where your brain and spinal cord lie-. Increase in intrathecal pressure can lead to, or worsen an already present disc bulge. Now, do you still think your trainer is evil?


“Breathing is simple, well, it is something you are born knowing how to do, and your body typically does it on autopilot. However, when you exercise, you start hyperventilating which affects both your training results and body in a negative way. This is why we always ask you to BREATHE” Jazz Alessi, personal trainer Kensington.


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