Bitcoin Going Mainstream

BREAKING NEWS: Bitcoin and other digital assets are set to go Mainstream

ICE, owner of NYSE – “Enable consumers and institutions to seamlessly buy, sell, store and spend digital assets.”  

ICE announced the global platform called BAKKT which will act as a ledger for physical settlement of digital assets such as Bitcoin. Yes, this means that soon you will be able to buy coffee at Starbucks seamlessly with Bitcoin or other digital assets.

This could potentially open up the possibility for other financial crypto products such as ETFs now that a solution has been purposed and is being implemented for physical settlement of cryptoassets which are used in this manor.  The BAKKT will act as the custodian for the platform transactions.

The news gave a great lift to cryptocurrency markets early Friday, Aug 3rd 2018. Look for the system to go live sometime in November 2018.

August 3rd, 2018 | BTC ~ $7,500.00


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  1. It sounds great, but it’s too early to form an intelligent comment with so little information. To be honest, my first thoughts were concerns about an “intercontinental” organization that hobnobs with Rothschild bankers and other powers-that-be, making trillion dollar global economic policy like it’s just some routine arrangements made with their coterie at a posh “by invitation only” cocktail party at DAVOS. Just saying…