3 Necessary Steps to Catch a Cheater

Find your husband, wife or partner’s hidden online dating profile anonymously on all popular dating sites and apps all over the world. Catching a cheater might not seem like a process you would have to carry out in steps but it actually is. If you go about it the wrong way, it could turn out to cause more potential problems. With that being said, below are three essential steps that you can take to catch a cheater and confront them.


The initial step is to simply observe. You have a feeling that they are cheating and looking for the certain behaviors and other signs that raises a red flag and ultimately indicate that them cheating is very possible.

This is why observation should be your first step to catching a cheater. While on this step, you need to pay attention to how your partner behaves and the actions they take but from the background.

Don’t let your partner find out that you are watching their every move.

Back to the point, a lot of individuals will write down their partners actions and behaviors in notebooks. For instance, they may write down the times in which their partner departs and arrives back, note when they do their laundry, the days they are supposed to be working late, and similar behavior that are related to the signs of cheating.

To some, this may seem like a waste but these notes can really become useful and help one to gather the pieces of the puzzle and put them together.


Investigation is the next step. After keeping on eye on your partner and noting their actions, you can go over what you found out and gather proof of them cheating based on what all you observed in the first step.

For instance, you might have noticed that your partner took a bunch of phone calls in private and acted very secretive whenever they received of placed phone calls.

You can dig deeper into this by gathering numbers from your partners cell phone and performing a reverse phone look-up. Doing this will enable you to find out who your partner has been talking to because you can find out the full name and address of the people to whom the numbers belong to.

With this information, you can pretty much learn about who exactly is calling your partner, if they are actually male or female, if a name stood out as possibly belonging to an ex or secret love interest, along with where to find them if you wanted to go to their house to verify some things.

Without the first step of observing your partner, it would be hard to complete this step and get solid proof to catch a cheater as there would be little to base anything on.

It’s easier for you to get solid proof if it is based on something like a certain behavior or sign of cheating which you would only know if you took notice of your partners actions.


This is pretty much self explanatory. It’s up to you how you decide to go about confronting your partner. However, if the first and second steps weren’t completed, it would do no good to complete this step.

Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to have solid proof of cheating when you confront someone of cheating.

You don’t want the confrontation to backfire and they get away with cheating because you can’t back up your accusations plus there is the possibility that they might not actually be cheating and if you don’t have solid proof, how will you know for sure.

If you follow these three important steps in the correct order, it can help you catch a cheater and expose them without all the unnecessary problems.


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